5 Tips for Cleaning Your Data in Excel

It’s one of those tasks we all know and dread, but cleaning up your contact database is one of those necessary chores. Happily, with a few handy tools in mind, you can fast track the long needed clean up. These tips are based on Microsoft Excel, but similarly named functions exist in other spreadsheet programs.

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Stuck for promotional ideas?

Thinking of creative and engaging promotions is not always easy! Here are a collection of ideas we have gathered from around the world to help you create the perfect promotion for your venue.


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The 2015 Nightclub & Bar show in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

The annual Nightclub & Bar convention and trade show in Las Vegas is widely billed as the biggest and best hospitality event the world has to offer. Kurt Opray from Impact Data had the priveledge of attending again this year, and this is the first of many posts over the coming months detailing all the new, interesting and unusual ideas the show had to offer.




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Get the low-down on #Hashtags

As you may have seen on social media, hashtags have taken off. You may already know that they are used to group or categorize a social media post with other posts on the same topic. However, do you know the most effective ways to use hashtags to get your profile or page out there and recognized amongst the buzz?

The hashtag rules can differ slightly depending on the Social Media platform. Keep reading to find out how to use hashtags more effectively on three of the most popular Social Media platforms.



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Projected Communication Trends for 2015

Much like any field that relies on digital technology, marketing and communication is rapidly changing: moving towards certain practices and away from others. Because of this continuous process of transformation, it is more important than ever to keep up with the current trends of digital marketing and communication.

Keep reading to find out the top 5 Marketing Communication trends that we are predicting will continue to grow in the year of 2015.

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New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Every Holiday period we give ourselves permission to eat, drink and be merry a little bit more than usual, all with the justification and promise of change when the new year rolls around. You begin the year with good intentions and good actions to follow; You buy a gym membership, you buy nothing but fruit & veggies  and you swear this is the year you will volunteer for that noble cause and become an all round better person.

Three weeks in to 2015 and how are your resolutions doing? Don’t want to talk about it? That’s fine! We have come up with 10 resolutions you’ll love and can actually stick to:

1. Begin every day with a cute animal video . Here’s one to get you started


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Meet The Team – Jaimie!

You speak with Impact Data on the phone and via email – now its time to put faces to the names and find out more about the team!

Name: Jaimie Harrison

Role: Graphic Designer

How long have you worked at Impact Data: Two years


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Amateur Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

Being in a rush
If you get too caught up in sending out you email NOW, you may be sending out content with no real purpose. Take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish with the email send. Who do you want to reach?  What do you want your readers to get out of it? Think about your content, layout and use a strong subject line. A meaningless marketing email will do you no favours.



Not building segments
Think about your customers, will one email suit them all? It is important to build and use relevant segments in your database. This will give you more options when sending your emails to include/exclude certain demographics depending on whether the email is relevant to them or not. You will find by doing this your open rates will become higher and your unsubscribes lower as you are delivery relevant content that you know your customers will be interested in. Some popular segments to send to are location, age and interests. Again, it is always important to stop and think about who will gain the most from your email content.

Learn how to upload your data to a segment here. 

Learn how to build and send to your segments here.

Sending with personal email/ reply to addresses
For starters, it looks unprofessional, and by using your @google, @yahoo etc customers may question your businesses reliability . There is also a high chance that the client will not recognise the email address and immediately mark the message as spam. You can avoid all this by using your companies’ domain address.



Not testing and analysing your send data
It is important to perform test sends as often as possible. If your test send is ending up in your spam folder, it’s more than likely ending up in your customers spam folder, which could see your 50% strong open rate drop to 15% without you even noticing.

If your unsubscribe rate are rising, it is really important to ask yourself why. Are you still in touch with your audience? Is your content still relevant?  What can I do to change this? For a guide to how to read your sent communications in SQUAWKBOX click here.

Some simple things you can do to improve open rates and prevent customers for unsubscribing  is  to start changing and tweaking details of your email, such as the frequency of the send, the send time, changing the subject line, or any other variables that can influence viewers.



Weak subject line
The subject line is the first thing a customers sees and may dictate whether your email is opened or deleted. Your subject line needs to be relevant and interesting to your customers so it catch’s their attention and provokes their curiosity making them want to know what’s inside. Some simple tips are to always make the subject line brief, relevant and informative.

No call to action
Think about what you want to achieve with the email send. Would you like your customer to buy a product? Attend a class? Update their details? Complete a survey? Whatever it is, make it easy for them by including a simple clean call to action within the email.


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Introducing Ticketing!


As a SQUAWKBOX user you now have access to our fantastic new ticketing system. This allows you to quickly and easily set up your own events and sell your own tickets plus all ticket purchasers will be automatically entered into your SQUAWKBOX account .

We’ll even set up your first event ticketing for you! 

Some great features of ticketing your event through us are:

  • Integration
    Via a secure API the ticketing system passes through your customer and purchasing data directly into  your SQUAWKBOX account.
    This means that from the event, we can automatically trigger a post event follow up email with an enticing offer / package to bring the customer back in to the venue.
  • Competitive Pricing
    There is no setup or subscription fees on ticketing.
    The per transaction fee is one of the lowest in the market at 2.2% plus $0.99 (plus a CC fee of 3%). You also have the option to pass this fee on to the purchaser or absorb the fee into the ticket price.
  • Mobile Optimization
    Your ticketing page is optimized for desktop and mobile.
    Last year that 67% of people purchased tickets to NYE events via mobile.
    Our mobile optimization allows the customer to have a great experience form start to finish.


  • Doorlist Application
    With a simple, yet powerful design, the door app will allow the venue to check in guests in under TWO SECONDS per ticket.
    This app also allows consumers to continue purchasing tickets once the event has started as the door list is connected to the internet and will update automatically.
  • A “Go Viral” Feature
    You can create incentives and rewards for people who share the ticketing link and successfully get others to purchase tickets.
    This is a great way to encourage word-of-mouth referrals, which is regarded as the most effective and powerful advertising method.
  • Extremely Easy to Manage & Setup
    The website design is super clean and easy to navigate, plus we will even set up the first event for you.
  • Support
    There is a 24/7 ticketing support team for venues should you ever need assistance or have any questions.

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What is it & what does it do?

Hyperlapse is the latest video editing app released by Instagram that allows you to film videos on your iPhone or iPad and then determine the speed the video is played. This is called time lapsing. The videos produced come out looking highly polished and cinematic thanks to the apps automatic stabilization feature. Best of all: it’s FREE!

Sharing & Editing

Hyperlapse gives you seven different speeds to choose from: 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x and 12x. When filming, you can also adjust the light settings to make a darker shot appear lighter by tapping on the screen where light is needed.

Even with an automatic stabilization feature, Hyperlapse videos tend to be produced better if the camera is mostly still when filming and things are moving around it. Alternately if you do want to move the camera try to be as smooth as possible – the more jumpy the camera when filming, the more messy your video will look when you speed it up.

Videos created through Hyperlapse can be shared directly to Facebook and Instagram or can be saved to your camera roll. If you want to add music to your video, save the video to your camera roll and then use an additional app like Lomotif to add music and title’s to the video. Lomotif also gives you the option to square the video to Instagram’s screen size and stops the video at 15 seconds – Instagram’s maximum video length. Lomotif also gives you a few more options once completed including saving the video to your camera roll, posting to social media or sharing with friends via SMS, Dropbox, WhatsApp etc.


Hyperlapse is already being utilised for some very big companies marketing activities including Mercedes Benz USA, Oreo and The North Face. You can check out some of their Hyperlapse videos here.  How you use Hyperlapse for your marketing is up to you but from experience, the more you play around with the app the more ideas you will come up with! Some great ideas we’ve had are:

–          The making of a cocktail

–          Foot traffic at your venue

–          Giving a tour of your business

–          Showcasing products

–          How-to demonstrations

Filming pretty much any activity with motion can make for a cool video when sped up. If you are after some inspiration search the hashtag #hyperlapse on Instagram.

Impact Data has been trialling Hyperlapse all week. The below was filmed this morning in South Yarra, Victoria over 3 minutes and then sped up x12. We added the music and text using Lomotif.


Important things to remember:

–          Instagram only allows for 15 second videos however you can create longer ones to put onto Facebook which allows for 20 minutes or 1GB – whichever is smallest.

–          The more stable you are while filming your video, the smoother it will look sped up

–          Once the video is saved you cannot go back and change the speed

–          Don’t spin around in circles and then speed the video up – it WILL make you feel motion sick

Hyperlapse is currently only available for Apple products but an android version is expected soon.

You can download Hyperlapse from the iTunes store here and Lomotif here.

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