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Understanding Your Online Audience – Demographics explained

The term “demographic” refers to a particular segment of the population with like characteristics. Businesses often classify people in this way to help them understand and serve a particular group of the population in a certain way. The info graphic in this post represents the Australian demographic, featuring the population of Australia, including population density, […]

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Idea Bank – Birthday Messages

So you’re going to go ahead and set up your birthday messages. That’s awesome! Here are some suggestions based on our experience on scheduling and content to get your birthday messages working for you.

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Setting Up Automated Birthday Messages

Our previous blog ‘Why the Birthday feature rocks‘ explained why you should use the SQUAWKBOX birthday, it’s time to let you know how to use it. Let me start by saying that as per all the features in SQUAWKBOX, we’ve tried to make it really easy. In fact, with only 8 clicks of a mouse […]

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Why the Birthday Feature Rocks

Sending birthday offers to customers is not a new idea in hospitality. If you are or have been a bartender in the last decade you will probably remember at some point in time being coerced by the venue’s marketing team or promoters into sitting in a booth, stuffing envelopes with printed birthday letters and function […]

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Idea Bank – Lifecycle Messages

So, you’ve met a girl and you want to go on a second date with her. Is she more likely to accept a second date if you: Send her a bunch of roses with a card attached suggesting dinner at 8pm on Friday night. Call her and ask her to meet you at the local […]

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Setting Up Automated Lifecycle messages

In the post Get a second date: Why you need Lifecycle Messages, we went through the reasons how and why Lifecycle messages really do bring in more customers. Now it’s time to tell you exactly how to set up your Lifecycle messages to get them working for you:

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Get a second date: Why you need Lifecycle Messages

It’s the age old story of love. Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl out for dinner. Girl accepts the dinner date and attends the dinner. They have a wonderful time. They hold hands, they flirt across the table. The night comes to an end and there is romantic kiss goodnight. They both […]

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Howdy Folks!

The last few months have been an exciting time at SQUAWKBOX HQ. With the help of our passionate and enthusiastic users SQUAWKBOX  has grown from the seed of an idea into a popular platform within a few months of launch. We’ve been working overtime to provide our customers with new and exciting ways to market […]

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Facebook Upgrade

Today we have the pleasure of announcing some important upcoming changes to the way that SQUAWKBOX connects and posts to Facebook. For the last few weeks our team of talented developers have been working hard to make the process of posting to your Facebook cleaner and more efficient. These changes are due to come into […]

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Making things better

Over the past few weeks a handful of unlucky users have had problems accessing certain features of SQUAWKBOX . We’ve been working day and night to fix this and now that things have settled down, we can go over the improvements. While this is largely a technical explanation of our problems, what this means for our […]

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