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What Makes You ‘like’ It?

What is it that makes us click the ‘like’ button on a Facebook page? Some say it’s a post a friend shares that makes you laugh. Others say it’s something that is relevant to the industry they work in. For me it’s an image or a video about an event that captures my attention. Most […]

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Eddie Fast Fact: Books vs Phones

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The Issue with Next Issue

This post is a response to a New York Times article published on April 11, 2012. The original article can be viewed at The New York Times I’m putting it out there: I’m ambivalent about e-readers. In fact, I’m not that keen about reading on electronic devices in general.

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Heads or Tails

Anzac Day Two-Up Two-up is a traditional Australian gambling game which was played extensively by Australia’s soldiers during World War 1 and quickly became a regular part of Anzac Day celebrations for returned soldiers. The game was regulated under the Gambling (Two-Up) Act in 1998 and may only be conducted on the following days each […]

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Eddie Fast Fact: Twitter

‘Maritz Research and evolve24 Twitter Study’ can be found here.

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Simple Online Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Does your business regularly send out large images via email (or ‘Image Only Flyers’) instead of HTML templates? If so, have you ever wanted to link images in the flyer to a website but haven’t known how?

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Marketing Your Dog

Did that make you look and read this line? Good. While performing Google searches one afternoon on two of my favourite topics – marketing and dogs, I chanced upon an article “Four Marketing Tips from Your Dog”. After having a quick read through, I found myself thinking about this over the weekend, and thought that […]

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Eddie Fact: Smartphones

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Form Notifications Are Here!

SQUAWKBOX HQ are proud to announce the introduction of Form Notifications. Learn more by watching the below video! Form notifications are sent to a preferred email address after someone has signed up using your form, allowing you to quickly and easily retrieve the details of people who are new sign-ups. There are some savvy uses for these […]

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Project Management – Like a (Cake) Boss

Across the globe, the everyday university student faces the following decision when it comes to their studies, their sleep and their social life: Along the same lines, sometimes planning a project requires making a similar decision: In a perfect world, we would manage to find the perfect equilibrium of these 3 factors. In reality, every […]

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