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The Story Of Two Restaurants: One Really Rich And One Really Poor.

Today I’d like to share an experience I once had with two restaurants. It’s a simple story and even though you may not be in the restaurant business please pay close attention as it holds the true key ingredient that will always make an instant improvement to the popularity and profitability of any business. So […]

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Image-only emails; is it a good idea?

Image Only Flyers may seem like an easy way to send an email (no coding or copywriting required) but there are a few key things to remember when putting one together.

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Eddie Fast Fact: TicketTek

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Friday Funny: Google Has The Answer

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Crowdfunding Someone Else’s Success

One of the fundamental problems in product development is coming up with something that people want. It’s that simple. Regardless of how much market research, marketing, or heavy direct sales you do, you’re fundamentally taking a punt. You come up with a concept, you create it. If people want it, you will succeed. If they […]

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No SQL, No Peace. Know SQL, Know Peace.

One of the key offers we make to SQUAWKBOX users is the ability to store all kinds of different data about their customers. As a SQUAWKBOX user, whatever customer data you think is relevant, we want to be able to provide a platform to help you easily catch and keep it. More importantly, we want […]

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Eddie Fact: ARPANET

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Friday Funny: Versus

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10 Ways To Get Banned From Facebook In 10 Days [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social Media Special – Hashtags

  Simply, a Twitter hashtag (#) brings together conversations/topics of different users into one stream and is used prior to relevant keywords/phrases to categorise those “tweets”. For example, if someone were to tweet about the recent Budget announcements, you may tweet “What are your thoughts on last night’s #budget?” Or alternatively, you may tweet “Did […]

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