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Friday Funny: The World’s Worst Art Restoration

Photo by Centro de estudios Borjanos Just when you thought it was safe to leave a paintbrush and a priceless artwork in the hands of creative seniors – it turns out it isn’t! This DIY art restoration was the work of Spanish grandmother, eighty-one year old Cecilia Gimenez. Her artwork has been labelled by some […]

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Just Run With It: How Nike Got Away With The Olympics

Denis Kuvaev | Shutterstock You may have noticed the sheer number of athletes wearing bright neon-green shoes during the London Olympics. It wasn’t a coincidence – this year, global sportswear brand Nike executed a strategic marketing campaign to push their newest line of shoes, Volt with over 400 participating athletes. Nike, who weren’t the official […]

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Web-Friendly Fonts

We often get asked: “Why are emails limited to such a small set of fonts?” It’s often frustrating for marketers, especially when you might have specially designed a font for your brand or company.

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Eddie Fast Fact: The World’s First Website

You can still access the world’s first website here.

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Friday Funny: eHarmony

The original version of this eHarmony video became hugely popular overnight, racking up over twenty-two million views before it was revealed to be an advertising campaign. This remix, an advertisement of it’s own racked up an amazing nineteen million views and is commonly referred to as one of the funniest videos on the internet.

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The 2012 Sharing Olympics

The UK alone shared over 300 BILLION pieces of data online during the Olympic Games. Here’s how they compare to the rest of the world: Infographic courtesy of RadiunOne

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Email Marketing – An Exercise in Human Psychology

Email marketing is an exercise in human psychology. Marketing your product or business through email is similar to selling your product on people’s doorsteps. There are times when customers will accept your enticing invitation to purchase a product and there are times when they won’t. There are times when you might be thinking: Is it the product? […]

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Eddie Fact: Cupcake Day Edition

The RSPCA helps raise much needed funds for all creatures great and small. By providing refuge and care where possible, they offer more than 35,000 animals a second chance every year. Impact Data is helping raise much needed funds for the RSPCA this Cupcake Day – you can make a spare change donation here! To […]

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Friday Funny: 25 Olympians Staring Longingly At Ping Pong Balls

  What were these Olympians thinking as they stared into the face of oncoming ping pong balls? Find out here!

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing

Wrath – Poor customer experience As a business, your standout point should be providing customers with a positive and memorable experience.  A satisfied customer can generate positive word of mouth and in some cases become a brand advocate whilst an unsatisfied customer has a higher likelihood of sharing their frustrations on social media. It is […]

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