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Friday Funny: The Best of Facebook

With humanity spending more and more time plugged into Facebook, it’s no longer a case of those silly private thoughts being, well, private. These days it seems you can’t log on to the social platform without seeing at least one update that causes a case of severe eye-rolling. As Facebook users, we sure do love […]

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60% of Product Acceptances or Rejections Are Based On Colour

What is your favourite colour? From the time I was little, I always loved the colour blue. It reminded me of the days when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the great ocean and my wonderful grandma’s eyes; it was a colour that bought me happiness. Yet my parents continued to buy me pink […]

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Shaken, Not Stirred

His drink order is one of the definitive characteristics of James Bond. So what happens when his signature Martini is switched out for…a Heineken? Producers of the latest Bond movie – Skyfall – have found out by releasing a Bond-themed Heineken ad as part of the marketing for the new movie. Check it out here. […]

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Eddie Fast Fact: Rats

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Friday Funny: Passive Aggressive Notes

What happens when someone posts a passive aggressive note in your office? This collection of photos comes from offices across the globe that have decided to have a bit of fun and post them online. Here are some of some of the best notes we’ve found!

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Technological Darwinism

In the olden days, and I mean the olden olden days, people willing to adopt new tools ended up being the most successful. The difference between the hunter using his hands to catch prey or a spear meant the different between eating dinner and being dinner. Although we have progressed far and wide since the days of the hunter/gatherer, […]

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The Most Successful Advertising Campaign In History

In 1924, Phillip Morris International introduced a new line of filtered cigarettes targeted towards capturing female consumers. The line was named ‘Marlboro’ and they were marketed as being as ‘Mild As May’, ‘Ladylike’ and a softer alternative to the filter-less cigarettes preferred by male smokers of the same decade. 32 years later, researchers released the […]

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Eddie Fast Fact: Oceans on Earth

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Friday Funny: Business Card Sabotage

See the complete list of office complaints here.

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Protecting Your Brand On Facebook

With an increasing number of businesses turning to Facebook to communicate with existing or potential customers, it’s as important as ever to ensure that your brand is complying with platform policies and local legislation. For Australian businesses, a recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Bureau, and supported by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission dictates […]

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