Meet Brodie

An instigator of the the inter-office Nerf War of 2011, Brodie Colbourne is a Graphic Designer. He's best known around the office for his repulsion towards any kind of fruit or vegetable, his home-printed t-shirts with witty slogans and his brightly coloured pants. If he had any superpower it would be the ability to fly and when not working can often be found chasing pigeons in the park.

Exciting New Sporting Templates!

With a whole heap of sporting events coming up across Britain and broader Europe we have created a great selection of brand new templates!

Check out a few below, or have a look at our Facebook Gallery for the whole selection. These are all available in your SQUAWKBOX & SMART accounts now so get promoting!


Champions League

mock up01-v2

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Help Eddie Find His Food

Can you help Eddie find his way…to something that pigeons like to dine on?


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New Voucher Email Templates For SQUAWKBOX

These creative templates can be found in the “Ongoing” template category in your SQUAWKBOX account.

Vouchers are a great way to incentivise the customers in your database to visit your venue.

1. Voucher Themed Template


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A Template For All Occasions

There’s some new templates that have been added to SQUAWKBOX as you can see below. There’s also a “template set” where one template can be used for various occasions.

New Templates

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Leverage New Templates With Campaign Brief

Welcome to Campaign Brief – a new addition to our blog.

We will be highlighting newly created templates which have been uploaded into your account, providing you with some inspiration on how to leverage them for your business!

Below we have an example of a new bistro style template available in your account now.

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The Secret To Links In Templates

Have you ever tried to link a word within your email template to your website (or somewhere else), but found when you tried, the link was virtually invisible against your blue background?

This can be a common problem as hyperlinks are automatically generated to be dark blue. Well, in a few easy steps you’ll learn how to change your hyperlink from this:

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Templates Explained – Part 3

Don't leave spaces in image file names!

Have you ever put together an amazing email, sent yourself a test and found one of your images looks like the one below?

This is the ‘broken image’, the default display for an image that can’t be loaded. This can be pretty serious, but luckily in most cases, it’s as easy as checking the name of the file.


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Templates Explained – Part 2

This is Part 2 in the Templates Explained series. You can read Part 1 here.

An effective email is all about getting your message across to your customers. Here are some guidelines that will help improve the quality of your emails.


When it comes to sending out an e-flyer you want to get your brand recognised. There are a few ways you can create eye-catching branding in SQUAWKBOX: you can insert a header image, your company’s logo and your venue name using merge fields.

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Make The Most Of Summer With These Creative Promotions


With the mercury on the rise, temperatures peaking on New Years Day and with more hot temperatures expected, now is the perfect time to tailor your communications and encourage more customers to visit your venue.

So what is the difference between a normal offer and a summer offer? Well, it may be an inopportune time to advertise your chilli menu, but customers might respond well to you advertising your air conditioning accompanied with summer cocktails and a taste of fresh summer produce.

In e-flyers and¬†newsletters it’s your offer that makes you stand out and gets customers through the door. Brands like Corona have made themselves a summer staple by advertising ‘from the place you’d rather be’. The smart marketing have made Corona sales soar through the summer period.

You can achieve similar results by specifically targeting your emails based on the time of year! So here are some suggestions to help you do just that this summer:

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Templates Explained – Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself what ‘EDM’ stands for? In this three-part blog we’ll be taking a close look at what parts make up an email template, what effective templates look like and commonly asked questions when it comes to building your own.

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