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David Bird is a Business Development Manager in the UK office. He has a passion for marketing and helping businesses reach their full potential.

The 2012 Sharing Olympics

The UK alone shared over 300 BILLION pieces of data online during the Olympic Games. Here’s how they compare to the rest of the world:

Infographic courtesy of RadiunOne

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Why Calling Your Database Your Mailing List Is Bad.

Take a look outside and look at the people. They want it now, and they want it all.

They’re plugged in and ready to receive.

iPods, Mobiles, Tablets and more gadgets than most people know what to do with adorn them like trophies. These are the generation that grew up with major brands like Adidas and Nike screaming motivational slogans at them, “Write the future”, “Impossible is nothing” and “Just do it!” were common. The underlying tones of these adverts were focused very much on the individual. It was all about you. Power to the people! A few years later and this notion is physically etched into the things we choose to buy. You can customise just about anything, from trainers to t-shirts to laptops. Why? Because reality TV has told us we can be special, we can be different. Even the most unlikely members of the public can become a hero.

Like it or lump it, this is how most of your customers brains work. This is how you treat them when they walk in the door, so why not when their sitting at home? So, why is it that when you’re treating your customers like royalty, that when it comes to capturing a customer database you are calling them your “mailing list”? This title brings to mind bored sheep in a pen, waiting patiently for the grass to grow.

bored sheep
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