Meet Eddie

Eddie is Impact Data's resident rock dove. He was a member of the ELP (Elite Pigeon League) where he won 3 blue bravery awards before he set out on a one bird mission to deliver messages all across the globe – faster, better and with more targeted precision than any other by joining forces with SQUAWKBOX.

Support Chat Now Available

SQUAWKBOX support chat isn’t a new feature, but if you get stuck it is one of the quickest ways to get assistance from our team. Check it out below!

1. Open a Support Chat Session

On any page of your SQUAWKBOX account you will find a black box titled ‘support’ hovering to the left side of your screen. To open a support chat session simply click on this box and select the ‘find someone to chat with’ option. Note: from here you can also submit a support ticket for more complex requests.


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The Year in Review: Top Posts of 2013

Great Subject Lines Don’t Just Happen


In February we learnt that a bit of work needed to go into a great subject line. Check out the post here for some hot tips that can’t be ignored, and remember: be creative, get into the mind of your customers and come up with a line too good for he or she to resist.

Make an Update Details Campaign Work For You

Apparently February was a strong month! In this blog post we discovered the importance of filling in the blanks to achieve results. Check it out and get the facts on how target marketing can benefit your business.

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Your Brain on Beer VS Coffee


Which substance is better for the grey matter? You would automatically think the answer is coffee, but it turns out it’s not quite that simple. Check out these fast facts about your brain on beer vs coffee: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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Coffee Shop Surprise

This stunt is fantastic for two reasons:

1. The reactions are priceless.

2. It is actually a promotion for the upcoming re-make of Carrie (a 19676 horror movie), and the best example of marketing we’ve seen in a while!


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Are you #overit? This hilarious clip is a great example of how annoying the over-use of hashtags can be.


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Fun Animal Facts

If you missed the heart-warming animal facts we posted not too long ago then these are for you! We now have some more animal facts via Buzzfeed that will certainly make you smile. Check out our favourites below.


1. Cows have accents.


Just like humans, studies in Britain have shown that cows moo in accents that are specific to their region.

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Be Amazed

It might not be our usual Friday Funny but this clip of Kevin James performing his illusion act on America’s Got Talent is definitely amazing!

By the end you’ll be staring at the screen with no idea how it all happened. You might also be a bit freaked out by how impossible it all seems. Click below and watch now!


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Did You Know – Australian Football League

The Hawks and the Dockers have been locked in for the 2013 Grand Final and the countdown is on. Play into the pre-game excitement and get promoting your venue!


Or in the meantime, check out below the best footy facts our in-office footy guru Dave has to offer.

1. Gary Ablett JR is the most capped of any current player in the All-Australian Team.


Image Source: The Age

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Cat vs Duck

The greatest chase scene you’ll ever see, with some fantastic Jaws music to add dramatic effect. Have a giggle this Friday!


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Top 5 Ways To Kill Your iPhone


With over 6 billion dollars spent on iPhone repair since 2007, we share the Top 5 ways to kill your iPhone.

Have you killed your iPhone one of these ways?


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