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Heidi Sandstrom is the Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. Best known for her ability to run, jump and occasionally bounce across the office, she is regularly seen eating Subway and engaging in Nerf wars with other staff. If she could have any superpower, it would be super-speed and her greatest dream as a youngster was to be an Archaeologist in Egypt with a talking parrot and a camel named Brenda.

Growing Your Twitter Following With These Simple Steps


If there were a poll on the topic, I have no doubt that Twitter would be voted the hardest social network to understand for businesses. It’s a place where marketing managers don’t get their hand held.

Also unlike Twitter’s popular counterpart, if someone follows a businesses profile, it isn’t immediately broadcast to the followers personal  network. Combined with only 160 characters to express upcoming sales, events and news, it can take a bit of time to master and even more time to create a quality following.

Well, we’re here to help. See below for some suggestions on how to lay the foundation for people to find and interact with your profile, as well as how to grow your following. Once you’ve got that sorted, send out deals, discounts and interesting information to push those followers in-venue!

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New Feature Release

It has been an exciting month for the SQUAWKBOX Team, the anticipated V2 Release has taken place and we have been able to focus our Development efforts on New Features and Product Improvements. Our Development Cycles run for 2 weeks each and at the end of each of periods some form of tangible improvement has always been made. Sometimes it will be something internal, or a step closer to a larger project we are working on, but we are also adding features that will improve your SQUAWKBOX experience.

Keep an eye out for our New Feature Notifications, we’ll be posting updates via Twitter, Facebook and RSS to our Blog. Don’t forget to follow us to receive all the updates!

Over the past month you may have noticed a couple of improvements, here’s a quick list of what we’ve added so far, login and check it out for yourself, or read more on our blog.

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How To Reach 55 Million Facebook Fans

“The days of controlling the message are absolutely over. At best you’ll be invited in and you’ll get to co-create and participate with consumers.” Wendy Clarke, Senior VP – Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca Cola Co.

In September 2012, the world’s 3rd most powerful brand Coca-Cola surpassed 55 million fans on Facebook. Their success has been attributed to the company making a point to ensure the content of the page remains focused on the millions of fans.

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Mastering Visual Marketing On Instagram


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Creating Contagious Ideas


A couple of days ago I posted to Twitter expressing my amazement that a business in the US that allowed me to design my own sunglasses. I didn’t mention the brand by name, but I did include a link to their website. Within a couple of minutes I received a response from the brand itself with a cheeky:

I was impressed with the unexpected reply, so much so that I immediately felt that I could further recommend this brand to family and friends. Brand mentions occur almost daily on social networks for businesses and conversation monitoring is an important part of any good marketers PD. Dell discovered in 2005 the pitfalls of not listening to their customers when a blog titled “Dell Hell“, which described one frustrated customers experience with a faulty laptop went viral, resulting a PR disaster that saw the story picked up by news outlets across the globe.

“Dell realized that engaging in the conversation wasn’t just a way to stop blogging customers like me from harming the brand. We, the customers, bring them great value besides our money: We alert them to problem. We will tell them what products we want. We share our knowledge about their products. We help fellow customers solve problems. We will sell their products. But this happens only if you have a decent product and service and only if you listen to us.” Jeff Jarvis – author of Dell Hell.

In Dell’s experience, the content produced was that of a negative nature – it spoke to its audience on a level that said ‘I am frustrated with my Dell computer – what about you?’. Anyone who had ever had a problem with a laptop lent their voice to the conversation and as a result the shape of the global conversation damaged the brand.

Coca-Cola is a business that has recognized the importance of shaping digital conversations early and has created a strategy known as Liquid and Linked. Continue reading »

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Why You Shouldn’t Wish Your Friends A Happy Birthday In 2013.


Do you wish your Facebook friends a “Happy Birthday!!”, even if they’re just one of many online-only acquaintances? If you do, you join thousands, if not tens of thousands of others who send birthday messages via the social network daily.

Facebook has grown alarmingly quickly in the short time since the introduction of public registration in 2006. Once a network run out of a university dorm room exclusively for Harvard University students, Facebook is now home to 4,619 staff and over a billion users globally.

One unexpected and mostly overlooked byproduct of digitising the relationships we make in our daily lives is the accumulation of ‘deadwood’ – a term used in the advertising industry to describe those individuals that are ‘no longer valid’, with little to no connection to the brand. For individuals, this may be the person you met once at a party with whom you have nothing in common and barely speak.

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A Recipe to Success: Marketing Cider to Generation Why Not

The evolution of the alcohol market in Australia has been marked with milestones which have taken an industry primarily controlled by large corporations into an era of divergence, increasingly open to importation, small producers and boutique brewers.

Packaged beer is an example of an industry responding to changing consumer trends in a competitive global market. Relatively unchanged for over three decades, the average Australian drinks around 110 litres of beer per year with a total market value of approximately $4.9 billion.

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2013 Is Going To Be Great – And Here’s Why!

We here at SQUAWKBOX HQ don’t believe the world is going to end on the 21st of December. Why? Well, because Doctor Karl told us so. But also because 2013 is going to be too great to miss – and here’s why:

1. SQUAWKBOX HQ are now producing mobile apps! Drive more customers to your venue with a great app, custom built to your venue and downloaded directly to your customers’ mobile handset! Contact our product team on 1300 885 447 to find out more about this great new service.

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December Ideas for Hospitality

Looking for some exciting ideas to liven up the December period for your business?

Gift-Wrapping Profits

Dennis Antoniello, the General Manager of Wickets Bar and Grill in Chicago decided to offer a complimentary gift-wrapping service on Saturday and Sundays until December 23 for customers who spend over $10 at the restaurant.

Speaking to Nightclub and Bar newsletter, Promo Power, Dennis attributed the popularity of the promotion to most men not being proficient at wrapping presents. Wickets were offering the opportunity for their customers to relax with a drink and food as their presents are thoughtfully wrapped by local high school students.

You can read the complete article here.

Sharing The Christmas Cheer

The Karma Keg isn’t new – but it’s popularity has increased in venues looking to share their good fortunes with those in need. The promotion involves covering the cost of a keg and allowing punters to pay what they’d like for a beer with 100% of profits going to charity.

The Age reported that whilst some customers paid nothing or less than the average price of a beer (one keg generally brings in $650 at $4.00 per beer), most paid over, raking in $750 to $850 for charity.

You can read the complete article, and find out how to run your own karma keg here.

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The Social Series: How To Maximise Your Return On Twitter.

As Twitter executives fly into Australia with ongoing rumours that a new office will open somewhere in Sydney or Melbourne, it seems like the perfect right time to launch The Social Series, starting with our first post: How To Maximize Your Return On Twitter.

Why Would You Want To Use Twitter?

I’ve met a lot of business executives who have been positively giddy with excitement at the idea of jumping on Twitter. These businesses, or the people behind them were so excited about the idea of turning tens of thousands of followers into hundreds of thousands of dollars, they didn’t realize that they had one substantial roadblock – they had no idea how to use the social platform, or how it should be used.

Unrealistic expectations are a social media managers worst enemy – we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so why would there be thousands of dollars worth of unlocked profits hiding in a social platform that you don’t have to work for? Everything in life is give and take, and that includes in the digital realm.

This purpose of this post isn’t to discourage you – in fact, I’ll be going through everything you need to know to start you off on the right foot and push you toward success!

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