Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is a SQUAWKBOX developer. Jon is best known around the office for his love of the Geelong Cats football team which has seen the appearance of various posters around the office. He has an addiction to fish and chips and can often be seen at his desk listening to music as he works coding magic.

To The Cloud! What Does It really mean?

The “Cloud” isn’t something you can touch, you know it exists somewhere, out there, and hopefully it has made your life easier or will in the very near future.

Cloud Computing is the technical term for the Cloud, and it’s been around for a while. It has only recently though, in the past decade, become a mainstream topic. It has gained the wider public’s attention through services such as Microsoft SkyDrive and Office 365, Apple iCloud, Google Apps, a host of Amazon utilities and Dropbox, the service that lets you share files and folders anywhere across the web.

Cloud Computing Diagram

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