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Matt is a member of the Client Assistance and Support Team and has a passion for architecture and design. He often sends hilarious pictures of cats around the office and is a YouTube newbie, only recently discovering the magic of Keyboard Cat. On weekends he loves to watch football and trying great coffee.

Father’s Day is Just Around the Bend…


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Here’s a Powerful Tool To Help Grow Your Database

We have been working with clients over the past 6 months using different methods in rapidly growing their customer database. QR codes are one of these methods, but I know a lot of you will be thinking that these things are everywhere. If you’ll take the short amount of time to read this brief blog you’ll discover a simple way to improve customer database growth and perhaps your revenues.

Like I was saying above, QR Codes are now being used for nearly everything that can be hosted on the internet. Everything from linking clients directly to the latest Real Estate Listing to even having interactive tattoo’s (check out the video below to see what I mean).

So if the masses are using QR Codes for pretty much anything how can you use them too?

A QR Code is a quick and streamlined way for any budding business. You can collect new contact information for your customer database simply, quickly and above all with little manual labour involved.

So how does it all work?


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Once your customer clicks “Sign Up” they will be automatically be added to your SQUAWKBOX Account. It’s as easy as that.

So you may be asking how you can achieve this with an already crammed work schedule…

Let Impact Data do it for you. We can take the hassle out of it and create your venue a  branded print ready QR Code Poster and Sign Up Card.

Try scanning the below codes with a QR Scanner!


By using a QR Code linked to a SQUAWKBOX Web Form, you can achieve a boost in your customer database, because as we all know your customer database is your business’ GOLD MINE!!

If you have taken up the Quick Start Pack you would know all about how awesome method has been. If you have not got a Quick Start Pack and would like to know more about them click here.

Otherwise feel free to give the office a call on 03 9827 7790 or email to chat with us  on how we can help create this cost effective new database growth channel.

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The Secret

There’s a secret to marketing your business, and I’m going to tell you what it is. It’s something that people pay thousands of dollars to learn at university and are paid thousands of dollars to impart to others. It’s a simple rule, one you might want to write down on a post-it note and stick to the mirror so you can stare at it as you brush your teeth in the morning. It’s a mantra.


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The Iconic ‘Big’ Australian Landmarks

I was looking at an article a couple of days ago about the iconic big Australian landmarks.

Originally created to attract tourists, these ‘big things’ have become  part of Australia’s global identity. Featured on Reddit and mentioned on Mashable, these unique landmarks are a point of fascination to the world and are one of the many things that make Australia home for its inhabitants.

The towns that have adopted The Big Banana and similar structures have stumbled across a fundamental aspect of marketing – identifying and promoting a unique aspect of themselves to the wider community. Each ‘big thing’ has its own story and if you get a chance to visit them the locals are often happy to tell you about the history of these amazing landmarks.

These tales are passed on from travellers to friends, families and strangers through the power of storytelling (“word of mouth“) and photos taken at the structure and shared on social media.

Your marketing, in the same way as these landmarks, should contain a story. There is something unique to your business and once you find it, you can share it with the world.

Some examples of companies looking to tell the story of their business, their products and the people who use them are GE, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here’s a look at some of the 150 giant landmarks scattered across Australia – let this inspire you to write your own story!


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