Meet Matt

Matt Fitzgerald is a Founding Partner and also works as a Developer (or in his words, ‘tech person’). He is best known around the office for his love of the in-office golf clubs and the Android phone which he is rarely seen without. On weekends he loves to play golf and cook.

Communication Upgrade


Some big things have been happening at SQUAWKBOX HQ. We’ve been doing some user testing and a lot of development, and we’ve made some changes to how the “send a communication” area works in order to make it quicker and easier to use. These changes are now live on SQUAWKBOX.

Create New

We wanted to simplify the ‘Create New’ screen.  SQUAWKBOX is supposed to make digital marketing something anyone can do, but this page was too complex. As you can see below, it will soon be much simpler. Create New has just become Send and you will only have one decision to make at this stage.


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Crowdfunding Someone Else’s Success

One of the fundamental problems in product development is coming up with something that people want. It’s that simple. Regardless of how much market research, marketing, or heavy direct sales you do, you’re fundamentally taking a punt. You come up with a concept, you create it. If people want it, you will succeed. If they don’t, it will fail. I recently came across a concept called crowdfunding that takes a different approach.

It’s not a new concept but it has recently hit mainstream attention via the high profile crowdfunding site The premise of crowdfunding is simple. You come up with an idea for a project, it could be a film, a computer game, a new kind of frying pan with social media integration*. Whatever. You post your project on kickstarter (say) with the hope of attracting a large number of small backers.

crowd funding diagram


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A few simple productivity tips for programmers.

Your productivity, the amount of useful work you do in a day is not fixed. It varies, and all sorts of things will affect it. The good news is that it’s not random; there is no god of productivity handing out good days and bad days. There are some simple things you can do that will greatly increase how much you get done.
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