Meet Simon

Simon Temple is the Chief Financial Officer. Simon once appeared on ‘Sale of Century’ and loves to spend weekends thinking about buying a bike, deciding not to and buying a big breakfast instead. If he could have any superpower it would be the ability to fly and he can’t live without his DVD player and box set of TV show The Sopranos.

How to use SQUAWKBOX to market and sell your products… And pay us when it suits you!

Set and Forget

Automated Birthday Messages:  Set and forget and still attract customers


Automated birthday messages are a great way to contact your customers, help them to celebrate their birthday and get them back into your venue.  The best part? By setting them up and letting them send out on an automated schedule they provide an opportunity for you to make money and keep the communication channels open while concentrating on the things you really want and need to do.

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Project Management – Like a (Cake) Boss

Across the globe, the everyday university student faces the following decision when it comes to their studies, their sleep and their social life:

Along the same lines, sometimes planning a project requires making a similar decision:

In a perfect world, we would manage to find the perfect equilibrium of these 3 factors. In reality, every project is different and will have different competing interests – and inevitably some aspect of compromise must come in to play. 

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Business Cases For Beginners

In a perfect world, marketing managers would have every resource at their fingertips and unlimited budgets to create campaign after campaign of epic show-stopping proportions. However, a lot of businesses both big and small are constrained by budgets which must be approved by a separate decision maker, whether this be the leadership group, the departmental head or the finance team.

These decision makers may be reluctant to part with their business’s hard-earned money upfront and may need to be convinced of the merits of the next show stopping campaign idea that you’re planning. It’s worth jotting a down a few key points in order to counter the inevitable “so, why are we doing this?”

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