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New Feature Release

It has been an exciting month for the SQUAWKBOX Team, the anticipated V2 Release has taken place and we have been able to focus our Development efforts on New Features and Product Improvements. Our Development Cycles run for 2 weeks each and at the end of each of periods some form of tangible improvement has […]

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Announcement: Functionality Update

The SQUAWKBOX team have been hard at work putting together some great new features for SQUAWKBOX. This week we’ve made some sweeping changes to the way you use Quick Squawk! Previously, any time you posted to Facebook from Quick Squawk, your post would be directed to the personal profile associated with the account but not […]

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No SQL, No Peace. Know SQL, Know Peace.

One of the key offers we make to SQUAWKBOX users is the ability to store all kinds of different data about their customers. As a SQUAWKBOX user, whatever customer data you think is relevant, we want to be able to provide a platform to help you easily catch and keep it. More importantly, we want […]

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Password and Security

The most vulnerable part of any web application is the authentication layer. It would be much easier for programmers and system administrators to secure a software application if there were no users who required access. That users can create their own passwords makes this vulnerability even worse. If you use a lot of internet services […]

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To The Cloud! What Does It really mean?

The “Cloud” isn’t something you can touch, you know it exists somewhere, out there, and hopefully it has made your life easier or will in the very near future. Cloud Computing is the technical term for the Cloud, and it’s been around for a while. It has only recently though, in the past decade, become […]

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A Day In The Life Of A Software Engineer

Aside from the fact that it’s positively encouraged to work while listening to music, one of the things I like most about being a software engineer is the chance to engineer how we work as well as the product we work on. Building software is about managing a lot of complicated and sometimes contradictory forces. […]

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Email Authentication

Has this happened to you? You’ve received an email from your bank asking you to log in and update your details. It looks legitimate. It’s from an email address at your bank’s domain name and the bank’s logo is at the top but it’s a forgery. This is the problem with email. It’s easy to […]

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A few simple productivity tips for programmers.

Your productivity, the amount of useful work you do in a day is not fixed. It varies, and all sorts of things will affect it. The good news is that it’s not random; there is no god of productivity handing out good days and bad days. There are some simple things you can do that […]

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Making things better

Over the past few weeks a handful of unlucky users have had problems accessing certain features of SQUAWKBOX . We’ve been working day and night to fix this and now that things have settled down, we can go over the improvements. While this is largely a technical explanation of our problems, what this means for our […]

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