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Projected Communication Trends for 2015

Much like any field that relies on digital technology, marketing and communication is rapidly changing: moving towards certain practices and away from others. Because of this continuous process of transformation, it is more important than ever to keep up with the current trends of digital marketing and communication. Keep reading to find out the top […]

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Privacy Law Reforms Are Coming!

Privacy law reforms are coming into affect as of March 12th. These reforms apply specifically to businesses with a turnover of more than $3M per annum. If you are in this category, you must act. If you’re not, we still suggest you take note of these new reforms in order to follow best practices. What is […]

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New Years Marketing Resolutions

It’s already one week into the new year, and whilst some well meaning personal resolutions might already be falling off the radar it’s time to start making some marketing resolutions that ought to stick. Our suggestion: if your marketing is in need of a little revival, try getting back to basics. Check out our top […]

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How to Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile applications are an amazing marketing tool for any venue, as they really tap into the current digital trends. With the number of mobile users accessing the internet on their Smartphones ever-increasing, promoting your  mobile app is extremely important. It only takes a handful of clever marketing strategies to get the word out and make […]

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Design to Production

Following a strategic Impact Data project from service engagement to productisation For marketers, understanding our audience is key to establishing successful communication.  Most marketers are familiar with the use of demographic information for audience selection and message targeting.  Less common but potentially more effective is the use of behavioural data.  At the Sydney Writers’ Festival, […]

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Which One Of These 12 Marketing Books Will Make You Rich?…Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of Which One Of These 12 Marketing Books Will Make You Rich? I’m a self confessed Uber Geek when it comes to studying the subject of effective marketing and advertising. I like to discover what catches people’s attention, what makes them respond, what makes them take action; and most importantly, what […]

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Good Data Part Two: Using What You’ve Got

If you have read our previous post Good Data Part One then you already know that the data you collect can greatly impact your ability to efficiently market to your customer base. However, whilst these may be good techniques to employ in future, or useful when starting from scratch, many of us already have a […]

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Getting the most out of your Facebook Like-Gate

A Facebook Like-Gate can be a useful tool for transforming your “likes” into subscribers, however letting it sit up in your tabs and relying on those that view your page to notice and self-motivate their way through it means that you will most likely not be getting the most out of it.  Check out our […]

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The biggest social media faux pas and tips to avoid them!

Earlier in the year Mashable published its list of the Biggest Social Media Disasters of 2012 which featured a bunch of big names and easily avoidable foot-in-mouth moments. From that article we have compiled a list of our top tips to avoid your own PR nightmare.   1. Don’t schedule and forget! This pro-gun tweet […]

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Good Data Part One: Putting your best foot forward

How do you intend on reaching  your audience? Many venues tend to collect data that has ceased to be the most effective form of communicating with their audience. For example post campaigns and faxed ads have been superseded by email, SMS, and social media marketing, but there are still many sign-up forms out there that […]

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