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Signup Buttons

We’re exited to announce the arrival of signup buttons in Squawkbox. A signup button is small button you add to your website that launches a signup form in a popup.  This is a tidy way to let people  join your database without adding extra pages  to your website or messing with your website design. For […]

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Privacy Law Reforms Are Coming!

Privacy law reforms are coming into affect as of March 12th. These reforms apply specifically to businesses with a turnover of more than $3M per annum. If you are in this category, you must act. If you’re not, we still suggest you take note of these new reforms in order to follow best practices. What is […]

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Support Chat Now Available

SQUAWKBOX support chat isn’t a new feature, but if you get stuck it is one of the quickest ways to get assistance from our team. Check it out below! 1. Open a Support Chat Session On any page of your SQUAWKBOX account you will find a black box titled ‘support’ hovering to the left side […]

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Feature Releases – 24th of July

As all SQUAWKBOX users would well know, we have been continually developing and improving the application since launching Version 2 back in February this year. In the past week we have released some great new features, and improved on some others, check these out below.   New Feature: Link to Form Previous SMART-Interactive users would […]

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The SQUAWKBOX Masterclass

 Become a SQUAWKBOX master with our video tutorials! Each short film is designed to help you through and make the most of specific areas of the platform. From sending a communication to uploading a complicated customer spreadsheet, these videos will make your marketing a breeze!

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Are You Guilty Of Boring Your Database?

Are you guilty of boring your database? Engaging your database with entertaining and informative content isn’t just a matter of telling them what events or specials are in your venue. Compiling engaging content can be a task in itself. Marketers and business owners can spend hours trawling through the world wide web to come up […]

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Want a Mobile App for your Business?

Looking for a mobile app for your venue? Want it to be unique and compelling? Need it to be constantly updated with new features so your customers never get bored with it? And you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for it? Read on…

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Your Ticket To Maximising NYE Sales

Looking for an online ticketing solution for your EOY / NYE events? We can set it all up for you without any additional setup or subscription fee! Impact Data is pleased to announce a new and comprehensive ticketing platform…You can now use your Impact Data platform to sell tickets via your website, Facebook, email and […]

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Form Notifications Are Here!

SQUAWKBOX HQ are proud to announce the introduction of Form Notifications. Learn more by watching the below video! Form notifications are sent to a preferred email address after someone has signed up using your form, allowing you to quickly and easily retrieve the details of people who are new sign-ups. There are some savvy uses for these […]

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