Friday Funny: The World’s Worst Art Restoration

Photo by Centro de estudios Borjanos

Just when you thought it was safe to leave a paintbrush and a priceless artwork in the hands of creative seniors – it turns out it isn’t! This DIY art restoration was the work of Spanish grandmother, eighty-one year old Cecilia Gimenez.

Her artwork has been labelled by some as the ‘worst restoration of all time’ and has sparked an online frenzy of  ‘copycats’ who have digitally defaced famous artworks, including that of the Mona Lisa. A petition against the decision to revert the painting to its pre-restoration glory has so far attracted over 10,000 signatures with fans claiming that: “The daring work of the artist spontaneously in Ecce Homo Mercy Shrine of Borja is endearing and a loving pact, a clever reflection of [the] political and social situation of our time”.

Photo by @frescojesus.

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