Marketing Your Dog

Cute Puppy

Did that make you look and read this line?


While performing Google searches one afternoon on two of my favourite topics – marketing and dogs, I chanced upon an article “Four Marketing Tips from Your Dog”.
After having a quick read through, I found myself thinking about this over the weekend, and thought that it would be interesting to explore how and why animals are used in marketing, and a peek into some other forms of unconventional marketing techniques.

Animals, who cannot speak a word we understand are able to get messages across to us with a few simple motions or sounds – doesn’t it make you wonder how critical images and sounds can be, as compared to words? People are drawn to animals… And as with all other forms of advertising, email marketing is not something new to the everyday consumer.

Constantly being bombarded by marketing materials all around, how do you get their attention, even just for a split second to read your email? Still remember the picture of the cute puppy that made you look? Now, we’re not asking for you to place a picture of a cute animal on the top of all your emails, but just remember that sometimes all it takes is for the consumer to be drawn in with the slightest of interest and “wham!” you’ve got yourself a booking at your restaurant or a new signup to your newsletter!

Does your email grab your customers’ attention? A picture says a thousand words… When your pet looks at you, sometimes you know what it wants – but how? Through association of certain behaviours, you are accustomed to understand the behaviour of your pet, without it ever having to communicate a word to you. Similarly with your emails, images are not there for the sole purpose of making it look more colourful or interesting. Grabbing their attention is one thing, but getting a message across with the picture will be the ultimate aim. Strategically placing images are important as more often than not, people only spend a few seconds browsing through your email, and all they see are a few words AND your pictures.

Do you think your pictures tell a story? The Thinking Tree by Gilad Dare to be different… Because there may be 5 pubs down the road and everyone is doing the same thing – Cheap Tuesdays, Wednesday Trivia, Thursday Parma etc. So be a little different, and make it easy for customers to decide where it is best to go! Slam the traditional “Free beer with steak” with a “Free steak with beer”! How different do you dare to be? Give and you shall receive… Give a little, and it will go a long way.

Sure, there are no free lunches in this world, but everyone loves to be cared for, and when you give that 10% voucher just because they are a VIP member, they’ll definitely think about coming back! Set up your ‘lifecycle messages’ so your customers get a freebie when they sign up, after 3, 6 and 12 months! That keeps you top of mind, and gives them a great reason to keep coming back! What’s your best offer?

Last but not least… Each to their own… In this world of change, there is no right or wrong to the way you carry out your marketing. What works for us may not work for you, vice versa. What’s important is you continuously look for new ways to get your message out there, and that is why the world constantly evolves for you! Any comments? 😉

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