Scheduling Communications Make Life Easy

Time is the one thing we never have enough of. There is even a term to describe us, we’re time-poor. With such busy working lives, it’s easy for us to push a marketing hat aside with so many on the rack.

But I’ll tell you a secret, it’s not only possible to successfully market your business when you’re time-poor, it’s also really, really easy.

Scheduling messages can save you hours. It can even save you days. In all likelihood, it will also save you your sanity. Scheduling allows you to send the right message at the right time. You can save yourself hours and even days by scheduling events in advance.

By scheduling your communications in advance, it ensures you’re in constant contact with your customers whilst having the ability to use your precious time for other projects.

Imagine for a second a world without scheduled communications. The simple task of sending a welcome email to your customers upon sign up would become a mammoth task involving a daily search by you for new customers and setting time aside to send an email every single day.

Think of the amount of time you’d be wasting!

The same idea goes for scheduled birthday communications. We all know that birthday emails bring in party bookings. If scheduling didn’t exist, you’d have to manually go through your database to pull those details and organise those sends.

Technology is meant to make our lives easier and scheduling does exactly that. It allows us to avoid hours wasted on what should be simple tasks.

Some of the great things you can do with scheduling include:

–  Scheduling communications to your database to advertise upcoming events. You don’t want to be worrying about emails when you’ve got limited time to set everything up. Scheduling in advance allows you to do it weeks or months before without worrying about a thing!

–  Lifecycle messages allow you to send messages directly to your customers who sign up to your database without a worry in the world.

–  The data from loyalty programs can be useful to see which of your customers are visiting your business regularly and send targeted, scheduled messages to customers who haven’t been in the venue for a set period of time to get them back through the door.

As you can see there are many ways for you to take the time out of marketing your business. Using scheduled messages, you can be in constant contact with your customers without needing to be chained to a keyboard. Using the scheduling functionality with the other useful functions such as self-sign up forms and the web gallery, you can ensure you never have to worry about your database again!

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